This project was over a year in the making.  The Jochim house had been a glorious house in her day, but could no longer be restored affordably.  The owner sold us salvage rights, and thus Manuel began the process of taking out doors and woodwork, keeping it in as perfect condition as possible.  There is an art to this; plus it was in the middle of January when he started.  I helped him the first day, and that was enough cold for this pansy!!  In the meantime a client was looking to build a new home in an older, established neighborhood, with a mission style bungalow in mind, and she wanted to use reclaimed lumber wherever possible.

The stately old house was soon going to become a smaller bungalow!  All the woodwork, doors, cabinets, etc., were hauled to a storage unit, where the new owner painstakingly stripped each piece of wood down to the original.  This took months, while her house was being built.

The finished project is beautiful and is a great tribute to both parties for wanting to save the wood, but to also restore all into something new, and thus the old house lives on in the new one.

We also incorporated woodwork and doors from the Whittier Junior High School, which was appropriate as the new owner is a retired school teacher!



This house was built new to look old. Awesome huh?