I love using the color purple in my quilts and always find myself buying purple over all the other beautiful colors that are out there.  I also immensely enjoy working with batiks as each piece of fabric has so much character.  All of the fabrics used in this quilt are batiks  purchased at various, non-corporate fabric shops. My joy is always finding a fabric or quilting store in a small town and making my patient husband wait while I go exploring for that unique piece of fabric.  If there are antique shops near by – he can usually enjoy browsing through those.

This particular quilt took a long time to make as it was kind of a puzzle to do, using many different colors.  I enjoyed making it, but probably won’t make another one.  The backing is solid black.  It covers the bed in our guest room.

Size:  96″ long x 88″ wide – will cover a queen size bed and hang over the top mattress.   Price:  $450

PurplePinwheelQuilt-1 PurplePinwheelQuilt PurplePinwheelQuilt-2 PurplePinwheelQuilt-4 PurplePinwheelQuilt-3