Manuel keeps busy all the time and is always coming across a treasure here or there, up or down.  We received a call from a couple in Talmage, Nebraska, so we took a drive to see what treasures we might be in for.  There wasn’t much to salvage in the house, but of course Manuel noticed the two lightening rods on top of the roof.  As always, I am telling him, “no way are you going up on that roof”  to non-listening ears.  Before I know it, the gentleman has found an old ladder from one of the barns, with the top rung in disrepair, and up goes my husband.  As the couple are holding on to the ladder and handing him crowbars, etc., and shingles are falling off as he is scurrying up the roof like a squirrel, only to find 3 lightening rods!!  He was delighted and the owner was happy with her newly acquired lightening rod.